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Most golfers believe that playing better golf is all about improving the golf swing … hitting the ball further and straighter. But having a good golf game and being an effective player require two very different components: PHYSICAL and MENTAL.

Unfortunately, the physical development takes a lot of time. There are no shortcuts to manufacturing a golf swing. It’s a process, an evolution and it happens ever so slowly, progressively.

The acquisition of knowledge on the other hand is a different story!

Listening Lessons are the latest approach to golf instruction. It’s all about saving strokes via the mind rather than the swing. Now you are going to learn how to put the ball in the hole in a completely different way … from a thinking standpoint. And that will transfer to your score on the bottom line much faster than hours of work on the practice tee.


TAGSOD  is the acronym for Talk  About  Golf  System  oDevelopment, the audibly delivered golf instruction of former touring professional Jim Carson.

Known as Listening LessonsTAGSOD is a lifetime of experience shared. Not so much "how to swing it" content. Instead, it's practical insight garnered from over a half century of competing and teaching.

Learn from one of golf's premier player/instructors as he talks you through all the mental pieces of the golf puzzle. As you become more familiar with the ancillary parts and their relevance to your game, things begin to happen to your playability.

You have two ways in which to enjoy the benefits of TAGSOD.


It’s what we call a  TAGSOD  Infusion. A short adaptation of a broader talking point that tickles the brain with thought provoking insight.  Delivered once weekly into your e-mailbox, its 90 seconds of audible instruction that stream right out of your device with just a simple click.  No need to download or read text, no sales hoopla and no cluttered mess to navigate through.  Best of all, the mental message applies to every level of player and the advice transfers directly to your game.

Listening Lessons

TAGSOD Listening Lessons are the unabridged version of all the notable subjects that make a difference in your performance on the golf course. They tell the whole story about every aspect of practice and play. Serious, no non-sense counsel for the golfer with game improving intent and a desire for all the "know how". Thirty minute sessions that have a residual effect on your golf IQ and the number you put on the score card. Available via download, CD, or flash drive.


Talking Points

  • Practice tools, tips and drills  
  • Progressive developmental routines
  • Practice versus playing technique
  • Pre round prep and post round analysis
  • Club to ball dynamics
  • Turf and lie conditions and their effects on ball flight and contact
  • Timing, rhythm and balance
  • Shot planning and formulating intent
  • Reading greens, target lines, slope, drainage and speed
  • Weather and its effects on the conditions of play
  • Course design and strategy
  • Swing theory and application
  • Visualization technique
  • Long and short term goal setting
  • Confidence and planting positive seeds
  • Aggressive versus defensive tactical skills
  • Mental performance enhancement
  • Shot technique, flight trajectories and ball patterns
  • Rules, protocols and etiquette
  • Physiological changes and psychological behavioral patterns
  • Maintaining an emotional equilibrium
  • Playing in “the zone”
  • Developing into a champion
  • Building mental tenacity

Are You a Lefty?

A special audio message for lefties.

Jim Carson in the Studio