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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About  Audio Golf Instruction


A:   Most golf instruction typically deal with the mechanics of the physical swing motion itself, while audible golf aligns the mental puzzle. And mental golf is very different from physical golf. The Talk About Golf System of Development teaches you how to think as a more advanced player would think. In so doing, you play better. It’s true! If you’re indexed at a 15, for example, but learn how to think as an 8…you will cut the margin faster.
A:   I would encourage you to consider all lessons relevant regardless of where you might be in the developmental pecking order. Why? Because mental golf transcends physical boundaries. You don’t have to be an advanced player to comprehend an advanced message. You may hear some things that are beyond your physical capabilities right now, but you will, however, pick up “pearls” of wisdom that will propel you forward…or help you find a piece left behind.
A:   Frankly…I set out to do just that. Begin with the most basic golf knowledge and end with sophisticated rare air thinking for the highly skilled player. But along the way I opted to present the lessons in a random pattern so as to pepper the brain of all players because I didn’t want to shoehorn anyone into a specific level of thinking. The content of TAGSOD is wide open. Take from each lesson what resonates at the moment and come back to the material often in your developmental walk.
A:   It’s always wise to revisit avenues that you may have already traveled in order to hear a different perspective that may open a door to even greater success.
A:   When you first pick up a golf club, the game is almost exclusively a physical challenge. But every time you hit a golf ball your brain is absorbing data. It’s learning on every swing and in every situation. It’s warehousing a whole litany of content that will be pulled from cerebral memory going forward. The scales of balance slowly shift in the developmental process and what was once nearly 100% physical and 0% mental will completely reverse order as you improve. In the end…mental trumps physical. Here’s the bottom line…everything starts…and ends… with knowledge. If you have a solid mental foundation you not only pick up the swing movements faster but you simply play better…and smarter.
A:   Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage you to enlist the services of a qualified instructor in building the swing mechanics. But assembling a golf swing requires three elements of consideration: time, cost and commitment. The Talk About Golf System of Development is an alternative means in which to improve with a much smaller margin of those necessities. You can enhance all your mental skills just by listening while you do the other things your life and schedule demands. Augment your swing practice with daily doses of TAGSOD and wow! Things really begin to happen to your play ability.
A:   Yes. Mental skills are acquired through the natural progression of development. But you can seriously speed up the process if you take an ear from the mouth of experience.
A:   Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with all the content in one sitting. It’s normal for the mind to wander and stray away from the message from time to time. But by all means, replay the sessions. That’s paramount to success. Don’t just assume a one time listen will suffce. You’ll be surprised how much you missed when you listen the second time. And the same is true when you do so the 3rd, 4th and 5th times.


Questions About  Infusion


A:   Infusions are audio files delivered in auto-generated email publications every Friday at noon (PST/PDT). Your subscription begins on the next Friday after you sign up. If you happen to sign up on a Friday before the release at noon, you will receive your emailed installment on that day. However, if you miss the noon deadline then your first lesson will arrive next week, Friday.
A:   Since Infusion is auto-generated, it requires a subscription plan in order to be recognized by our server for delivery. But remember, there is no obligation and if you take advantage of the one month free promo, your credit card is not charged until your renewal date next month. Therefore, you can cancel your subscription at any time during that period and never incur a charge.
A:   Your renewal date is the same date you sign up on, every month or every year respectively depending upon the plan you choose (monthly or yearly). In other words, if you subscribe on March 10, for example, your renewal date is every subsequent month on the 10th if you are on a monthly plan, and yearly on March 10 for the annual plan.
A:   We offer two purchase options for Infusion: Monthly at $7.99 or Yearly at $69.99. Rather than invoice every time your product cycle ends, we put into place a recurring billing plan which automatically charges your credit card on the first day of the recycle as payment for the upcoming term. All you need to do is choose the “PayPal” button or the “Pay By Credit/Debit Card” button (Stripe) to start your recurring subscription.
A:   No. TAGSOD does not maintain your credit card information. In fact, we don’t even see your card data. Using sophisticated encryption technology, everything passes through our Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and goes directly to our Merchant Service providers who process and maintain your account. You may choose one of our two commissioned Merchants to serve on your behalf: PayPal or Stripe (Credit/Debit Card button). Both highly respected with international recognition.
A:   You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason and charges will be stopped immediately upon your notification for any future recurring payments. Please Note: you must leave an email message in the "CONTACT US" page of this website, simply stating that you wish to cancel and provide your name, phone number and email address (make sure this information corresponds with what we have listed in your "MY ACCOUNT" profile). We’ll respond with a “NOTICE OF CANCELLATION” email that will follow once your request has been completed (please allow up to 48 hours).
A:   Your cancellation is effective immediately but please allow 48 hours for its processing in our billing system. If you cancel within that 48 hour time period prior to your renewal date, your account may incur the next billing cycle charges, but any charged fees will be graciously refunded. You have thirty days in which to request a refund of those charges.
A:   First make sure that the email address that you provided is accurate. Clicking “MY ACCOUNT” will bring up your profile information for review or change if necessary. It is also possible that your mail from TAGSOD, Talk About Golf System of Development is also being sent to your SPAM/JUNK bin, so please check there and make sure that you enter TAGSOD into your Address Book to avoid any future problems in this regard. If these inspection points don’t reveal the problem, then call us at (714) 814-3467 or drop a message in our CONTACT US page.


Questions About  Listening Lessons


A:   Downloading the lessons is easy! After completing your purchase, you will receive an email invoice of the transaction details including link(s) to the audio files purchased. Just click the link(s), or copy and paste them into your internet browser to download. You may also retrieve your lesson link(s) on the Downloads Page in your Account.
A:   Don’t worry! Your product purchase will be protected by our support. We’ll provide backup links if anything goes haywire.
A:   Each lesson is delivered with two download options. While the lesson content is identical, each is formatted different in order to accommodate the needs of all listeners and their devices. First is a user friendly, single file mp3 of all the tracks (chapters) in the playlist. This option is easy and also mobile device capable. But keep in mind that it is formatted without chapter breaks, so you will not be able to skip around. Option #2 on the other hand is designed to play similar to an album, audio book or CD. It will provide the capability to stop and start, go forward and reverse between chapters (tracks). However, it comes in a compressed “zip” file and users who are not familiar with extraction software (i.e. WinZip) may find it challenging to navigate to their media player.

Unfortunately, we do not have the technical staff to work individuals through the nuances of their hardware. If you do not possess the knowledge of your devices playability functions, we recommend that you avoid the “zip” download and choose the easy play mp3 alternative instead. Either way, you will receive both links for your archives.
A:   First, check to make sure your speakers are on, mute is not activated and your volume is turned up. Also make sure your media player is open and running.
A:   Our standard method of shipping to all points worldwide is via the United States Postal Service. Domestic shipments travel First Class Mail with delivery on a 3-5 day timetable. International shipping is provided by Priority Mail and delivery typically takes between 7 and 14 days, depending upon where it goes.
A:   Rather than make our International shipping process complex we offer only one method through our website. USPS Priority Mail International provides the most expeditious delivery schedule to all points worldwide with the product protection needed. But it is pricey. We encourage you to take advantage of our download system for immediate and no cost delivery of your TAGSOD Listening Lessons, but if tangible product is what you need and Priority Mail is undesirable, then contact us for other shipping alternatives. We’ll work together to find another option.


Other Frequently Asked Questions


A:   TAGSOD has partnered with e-commerce processing agents that have the highest standard for safe and secure transactions. We operate with a mission to provide the most secure and reliable payment solutions for you. Two alternatives are available. Enter your credit card via our Gateway provider, Stripe, or else sign in and use the membership services of PayPal. Both adhere to strict internal security policies. Our customers can be confident that their data is protected. These organizations utilize industry leading technologies and protocols and are compliant with a number of government security regulations.
A:   You may contact us at (714) 814-3467 to discuss other payment alternatives that would include wire transfer, check or money order.
A:   First make sure that all of the contact information that you have provided in the website is accurate. Clicking "MY ACCOUNT" will bring up your profile information for review or change if necessary. It is also possible that your mail from TAGSOD, Talk About Golf System of Development is being sent to your SPAM/JUNK bin, so please check there and make sure that you enter TAGSOD into your Address Book to avoid any future problems in this regard. If these inspection points don’t reveal the problem, then call us at (714) 814-3467 or drop a message in our CONTACT US page.
A:   With all due respect, the Talk About Golf System of Development writings and recordings are protected by US Copyrights and cannot be republished or distributed in any way without the written consent of Jim Carson and/or TAGSOD Enterprises. We appreciate your interest in sharing the word but redirecting the download links is strictly prohibited. Please introduce the program to others through our e-commerce website at
A:   A TAGSOD Membership is a prepay yearly subscription for Listening Lessons to be published every month beginning in June of 2016. Your advance purchase of twelve sessions gives you the opportunity to enjoy savings of up to 40% off the regular rack rate. And, not only will you be the first to receive each lesson but you’ll also avoid the hassle of going online to otherwise purchase every month.
A:   It is our goal to have our membership plans available for purchase by the first of the year 2016, six months prior to the startup of our monthly publication schedule.
A:   TAGSOD has a number of discounted purchase opportunities through the use of promotional codes and coupons. If you are applying a coupon/promo code to your order, you must first enter the product(s) into your cart in order for the system to recognize the discount coding. Entering the code without having the products in the cart will not activate the discounting process or automatically put them in the cart.


Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the Talk About Golf System of Development Enterprises of any unauthorized product delivery, delivery failure, or if you incur any incorrect charges. All transactions, purchases and cancellations are processed with accompanying email correspondence to notify you accordingly. TAGSOD takes great pride in our service integrity and the quality of our product. Thanks for your patronage.

We’re brand new and can use your help! If you have a question that we have not addressed in our FAQ’s, then forward it through our Contact Page and we’ll respond in short order. Thank you