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Meet Jim Carson

Combining an impressive teaching credential with a resume of global playing experience and 58 victories, Jim has a unique skill set. He's balanced a career of both competing and teaching, a rare blend of technical swing acumen and refined playing talent. That translates to a resource loaded with information.

A Message From the Pro

I’d like to become your golf coach. Not your swing instructor, that duty belongs to your club professional. It’s safe to assume that you need a trained eye to assist in building the mechanics.

Instead, I’m looking to be your mental mentor, so to speak. Sharing my experience so that you can capitalize on the knowledge I’ve accumulated through 50 plus years of schooling.

I believe that I can shorten your developmental walk just be listening to things I’ve learned along the way. With this insight you can improve faster, train better and avoid the pitfalls that trap and stagnate players.

I’m simply going to teach you how to play better golf through verbal communication, not technical application. When you are finished, you’re going to have a special set of tools that will take you to another level of understanding about the game...about the swing...about yourself and your methods of play.