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I can’t play golf worth a squat. Probably because I don’t practice. But I play better after listening to TAGSOD. I’ll put my time and money there.

Bernard Pinchon TAGSOD

I got a promotional CD of TAGSOD just before Christmas. I was the guy in the bright yellow outfit. Anyhow it sat in the car for a week but I tossed it in when my son and me went fishing. My 12 year old son plays golf but not very well. Yesterday we played together and he was hitting it unbelievable and framing his finish just like a pro. I asked him what got into him and he said I heard that man on the radio. That’s amazing, I didn’t know he was even listening. I can vouch for TAGSOD, it works.

Randy Crosscraft TAGSOD

Dear Jim: I really appreciate your support of our golf team. I received your TAGSOD lessons and I would like to respond to your audience. I’m a serious no-nonsense college competitor and when I heard about your Talk About Golf System, I was a little skeptical about how it might help me. I was way out of line. The Mental Playing Disciplines were awesome and I’m sure F.A.S.T. will take me to another level. I just wanted to acknowledge your influence.

Patrick Montague TAGSOD

I just listened to your Lesson #5 and I took one thought to the golf course today-Pose The Finish. That one simple piece of advice produced the best round of golf in my lifetime. I’ve been playing for 32 years and no one ever really drove that point home. My round of golf today was so easy and the finish wore well on me. It slowed everything down and I locked into a rhythm. I can’t wait to go out again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

P. Morgan TAGSOD

I’ve taken more golf instruction than anybody I know. Some good, some bad. But this idea of listening lessons has done more for me at a fraction of the cost.

John DeMont TAGSOD

I’d say this guy knows his craft and I’m feeding off the fruits of his labor.


I drive 86 miles to and from work every day. For the last two weeks it’s all I’ve listened to and it has made a big difference in my play. I’m certain my index will show what I’ve learned. If you post this comment I have this to say to your students. WOW! This is powerful. You’d be foolish to pass up on the knowledge.

Curt Wendt TAGSOD

My golf pro is ————. I don’t know if you know him but he promotes your program. He gave me your Lesson 5 at my first lesson and it really helped to get the whole message of what we worked on. Thank you.

Sallyann Anderson TAGSOD

I love your work but take a piece of your own advice and “slow it down”. You are right, there is a lot of information and you speak it fast. I’ve seen you swing the golf club and it flows like syrup. Transfer that when you go to the recording studio. Otherwise keep the information coming. I’m on board. It is really good.

Mike Smith TAGSOD