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An Alternative Approach To Golf Instruction


TAGSOD Golf Instruction

There's a new, alternative approach to golf instruction, and it doesn't matter how long you've been playing golf. What goes on in your head determines, in one way or another, how the scorecard looks at the end of the day. How we think, what we think, when, where and why… all have relevance to the bottom line.

It's not just about understanding swing dynamics and hitting enough practice balls to groove mechanics. Instead the game is far more complex.

Good golf requires a fusion of both swing knowledge and playing knowledge. There is a difference and the bad news is that most golfers lack the mental skills to propel them forward. But there is a silver lining. Mental golf trumps physical golf and can offset the effects of poor swing performance. It's also much easier to tool, requiring less time, less work and less money.

According to golf professional Jim Carson a simple mathematic equation tells the story. "A + B = C. - A represents your ability to swing a golf club. - B reflects your level of thinking and together the sum of both parts equate to your ability to play golf, and - C. If you increase any part of A or B you get better. The question is: where do you want to invest?"

Carson says: "most players turn to swing mechanics as a solution because an alternative is not readily available. While the golf service industry has a vast resource of technical counsel, effective mental training is hard to come by. Players spend a fortune trying to find the silver bullet for their golf swing but few put in the hours on the range needed for it to pay off". His response is: "give me an ear that will listen and I can produce a better player faster".

That's a pretty lofty promise from a guy without the household name recognition. But this man has got the calling card to back it up. He's been both golf professional and a professional golfer for forty years, possessing an acumen that few instructors can provide. His resume boasts the credentials of successful global tournament play coupled with an impressive teaching background.

And there's more good news for all of us seeking the holy grail of golf instruction. Carson's passion for sharing mental insight has just hit the marketplace via what he calls, "Listening Lessons". His unique perspective is found on the Internet by way of TAGSOD, an acronym for the Talk About Golf System of Development. "It is golf instruction for the brain", he says. "Golf lessons that talk you through the mental pieces of the playing puzzle".

TAGSOD Listening Lessons come in 30 minute sessions as well as 90 second Infusions. For those that fancy the audio book format while driving in their car, the half hour multi chaptered audio golf lessons thread simple swing tips around a barrage of mental playing golf instruction. Infusion golf instruction on the other hand is packaged for easy listening with quick and concise keys to better golf by way of a wide range of topics. They are fast blasts of golf knowledge that when stacked together provide the complete picture of performance.

And most appealing is the cost for this revolutionary approach to golf instruction. For less than you'd pay for a lesson on the driving range you can now get a full year of audio golf instruction that arrives every week in your email box. For as little as $1.35 per lesson you get 52 weekly installments that are a simple click-to-play for little more than many players shell out for a single green fee.

Here's what players are saying about TAGSOD Listening Lessons:

"I can't play golf worth a squat. Probably because I don't practice. But I play better after listening to TAGSOD. I'll put my time and money there."

"I've taken more golf instruction than anybody I know. Some good, some bad. But this idea of listening lessons has done more for me at a fraction of the cost."

"I drive 86 miles to and from work every day. For the last two weeks it's all I've listened to and it has made a big difference in my play. I'm certain my index will show what I've learned. If you post this comment I have this to say to your students:

- WOW! This is powerful. You’d be foolish to pass up on the knowledge.”

Now you too can get the advantage on your competitors. Learn all the secrets to better play. Golf wisdom found by way of many years of discipline and study. And here's the best news of all. It comes to you for a free trial period of one month. Thirty days of Infusion Listening Lessons without obligation. That's an opportunity no serious golfer can pass up.