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Welcome to  TAGSOD  Infusion. Ninety second golf lessons delivered by e-mail and guaranteed to teach you how to play, how to think and how to practice better than you ever have before. Imagine receiving counsel from your golf coach every Friday morning, 52 weeks of the year, providing tips and insight so that you can enjoy better performance on the course and lower scores. Now improving at golf is as simple as opening your e-mail. Get infused with a dose of brain training and see if the message makes a difference in your game this week.


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For less than you'd pay for a bucket of range balls, you can get one month of the hottest instructional program that's capturing rave reviews. Better yet, subscribe for a year and you'll get 27% off the monthly rate.
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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*: If you don’t find Infusion entertaining and enlightening, cancel your subscription and get your first month’s fee refunded with no questions asked.


*Our subscription plans are a recurring charge on a monthly ($7.99) or yearly ($69.99) basis. You may cancel your subscription at any time with a simple call to (714) 814-3467. Our Money Back Guarantee applies to your first month of Infusion (4-5 emailed lessons depending upon how many Friday dates fall within your 30 day signup period) and only applicable to Monthly Plans. Please contact us before the conclusion of your 30 day “Guarantee” period to be eligible for the refund. For additional information please refer to our FAQ section.